Cyber-bullys Are More Harmful Than Old Fashioned Bullys

I guess there will always be new ways to try to intimidate people.  Technology has ‘improved’ bullying. Skeletal handsBullying is aggressive, frequent, repeated acts that aim to harm someone who is unable to adequately protect himself/herself.  Cyber bullying differs from getting pushed around on the playground because it uses texts, emails, websites, compromising photographs or videos that are posted or spread via the web.  Of those, pictures and videos are considered to be the most harmful because they are the ones that can be spread the furthest.

Here is why cyber-bullys are worse than regular old lousy bullys:

1. Cyber-victims cannot escape because the bullying occurs in various places, not just the schoolyard or one location.

2. Cyber-victims are exposed to a much, much larger audience.

3. Bullies can conceal their identities better (you see the kid who smacks you at school), resulting in the bully feeling even less responsibility toward his/her victim.

In my next post on wednesday, I will describe the traits of cyber-bullys.

Source: Morality, values, traditional bullying and cyber-bullying in adolescence. E. Menesini et al. Brit. Journal of developmental Psychology V31#1:1-14, March, 2013

Photo credit: Phil Date, Dreamstime

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