3 Important Facts To Prevent Acquaintance Rape

When I was in college, there was no such term as acquaintance rape (there was however, electricity and dreamstimefree_157135motorized vehicles).  It happened, of course, but we had no name for it.  We have since become very aware of the problem, and the term, and have learned that most rapes occur between people who know one another.  So until someone figures out how to get men to stop raping people, here are three essential facts that women need to understand.

1. Rape is violence, not mis-communication.  Don’t buy the myths; learn the facts.

2. Learn some basic self-defense maneuvers, resistance strategies, and make common sense safety plans, like, “friends do not leave friends in bars, rooms or elsewhere.”

3. Understand  consent.  It is not the absence  of screaming and yelling.  Consent is giving your free agreement.

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