6 Point Checklist For Brief Psychotherapy

Brief psychotherapy refers to time-limited work, whether that means 4 sessions or 20 sessions.  I don’t usually do brief psychotherapy but I know that many people are interested in it so, here is a bit of a checklist to help you decide whether brief therapy is right for you.

 The more you answer ‘yes’, the more you are a candidate for time-limited treatment.
1. Is the problem short term rather than chronic?
2. Do you have limited resources, i.e. time and/or money? (hmmm, who doesn’t?)
3. Can you stay narrowly and clearly focused on 1 problem?
4. Would you prefer a problem-solving approach rather than a more in-depth therapy?
5. Are you in relatively good psychological shape?
6. Do you like a lot of activity on the part of your therapist?
This isn’t very scientific but it can serve as an initial guide.
My novel, Objection of  Obsession isn’t brief, but read it anyway.
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