Creating Celebrity

I’m thinking out loud; I don’t have any answers. Here is the question: Why do we create celebrities?Antique camera 0820_06

I see it done all the time (so do you, if you have a TV).  For example: pick a man with a good body, great teeth, the ability to string enough words together to make a sentence, and the willingness to be exposed on a goofy TV show (and the potential to make a ton of money).  Voila ! We have a Bachelor.  He is put in front of us for what seems to be a thousand weeks – this seems very important, keep him in front of us. Repetition is a huge factor in making us accept stuff.  Magazines write about him and his search for true love as if it is interesting – this makes him more important and more of a celebrity. We begin to think that we know him and get involved in his decisions.  The TV show’s editors are the truly brilliant people because they edit the hundreds of hours of material to find enough minutes to be somewhat compelling, especially if you have had a hard day and need some mind-numbing stress relief.
Then, he presents his rose…….  UGHAbstract floral background
If the Bachelor is clever, he parlays his brief celebritiy into more – like Dancing with the Stars or a TV wedding because, after all, 10 million people now know his name and might watch.
The winner and runner-up now become celebrities also (contagion).  They can give interviews and become Bachelorettes or weather-girls or cook something.
It is the ‘creation of celebrity’ that fascinates me.  Why? What need does it satisfy? I do understand the movie star, musician, sports figure or writer: after all, they have talents. I love Project Runway and I know my friends watch the cooking shows – these contestants have a skill.  The created celebrity like the Bachelor has very little to offer.  Was Paris Hilton  the first?  I don’t remember.  She did well.  The Kardasians are certainly the cleverest of  ‘created celebrities’ and they did it themselves. That might be their greatest talent!
Go ahead, make me a celebrity, buy …….Object of Obsession
OO v3
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  1. May 17th, 2013 10:11 pm

    Hmmm…hadn’t thought about it that way. You’re right.

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