Good Decisions

I have had many conversations that contained the subtext of, “I made a good decision, how did things go so dreamstimefree_170506 bodybuilderwrong?”  This applies to women lamenting, “I used to date a–holes; so-and-so was a nice guy and it still didn’t work!  Maybe I should go back to the creeps.”  This applies to students saying, “I studied this semester and I still didn’t get an A!”  This applies to men and women who,  “switched jobs, quit smoking, invested money conservatively” and are in lousy jobs, still cough, and the investments went down.

I get it – it isn’t fair. Been there, done that. Here’s what a lot of years of making good decisions and bad decisions have taught me. Good decisions only increase our odds of good results; they don’t guarantee success.  Dating good men and good women, studying for tests, working hard, quitting smoking, and saving money are still smart behaviors and provide a better chance of achieving goals.  But life is tricky – we can behave well, be kind, help old ladies cross the street, cut back on chocolate chip cookies – and not be certain of rewards.
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