What Is Trust?

Basic trust begins in the first year of life.  It is an attitude (not conscious) toward others and towards oneself that says, “I have a reasonable trustfulness in others and in me.”  For infants, it means that the adults who care for dreamstimefree_4811368.jpg denialthem can be depended upon.  When it doesn’t happen, when adults are untrustworthy, the child may grow up to be a distrustful person who withdraws or shuts down.

Trust is related to confidence, that sense of being able to rely on others and ourselves.  It can also be seen in the sense of being “all right” in a basic way.  Trust isn’t a very easy thing to learn as a grown up.

I am trusting you, relying on you, having confidence that you will by my book, Object of Obsession.

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