Women And Body Hair

I recently came across some older research that you might find interesting – I did.   Researchers  (S. Basow and A. Braman in Psych. of  Women Quarterly V 22#4, 1998) studied the reactions of college age men and women to videos showing a 22 year old actress at a pool, exiting the water and drying off with a towel.  In one video, dreamstimefree_200216she had 2 months of hair growth under her arms and on her legs. In the other – identical – video, she was clean shaven.

Every one of the 195 participants noticed the underarm hair and 86% noticed the leg hair.

So, what did participants attribute to the model WITH HAIR?  They said that she was:

1. Less sexually attractive

2. Less qualified interpersonally

3. Less intelligent

4. Less social

5. Less physically attractive ( but not by much)

6. Less happy

7. Less positive

That’s a lot of attribution to underarm and leg hair!!!! Participants who said they were feminists were a little bit more lenient. This seemed to me to be quite dated – not that people like underarm hair these days; just that fewer women are making that sort of statement. But, hair remains an issue. On April 10, A new poll released by Oxygen Media (questionable, I know) suggests that today’s singles are tolerant of everything but stinky men and mustachioed women.

Read my mystery novel, Object of Obsession.  I don’t mention underarm hair at all.

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