The Voice: Final Analysis

Who appeals to “America’s voters” – the audience of The Voice?  I promise this will be my last comment on this season of The Voice.  Thinking about the final three acts, I began to wonder about their appeal since America votes for the winner. I believe that the voting is based on the voices, sure, but also on what we like, who we like, and with what qualities we identify.  This is what I mean:

1. Danielle Bradbury symbolizes Hallmark cards, youth, innocence, purity, family reunions, puppies tumbling on the lawn, an imaginary time that never existed but it would be terrific if that idyllic time was real.

2. Swon Brothers symbolize backyard barbeques, tailgate parties, beer, brothers and sisters teasing each other but getting along, and the belief that anyone can reach the American dream of success with some grit and determination.

3. Michelle Chamuel symbolizes the outsider, not belonging, vulnerability, struggling to maintain a sense of self in a world that prefers conformity, steadfastness, and longing.

Yes, I know that people vote for the ‘best’ voice (in their opinion) but let’s not be naive; choices are driven by many factors, both conscious and not-so-conscious. Personally, I don’t know who had the best voice but I certainly believe that people also voted on the factors I listed above.

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