The Voice Finale and Egos Gone Wild

I enjoy The Voice. I think the contestants are terrific and I believe that the coaches did their very best to position their team members to win. I also expect the 3 final acts to have real careers, no matter who wins tonight. That said, wow, egos ran wild in the finale last night, and it does a disservice to the young singers.

Here are my observations of the coaches and their proteges and, of course, it all happened when the coaches were on stage performing rather than in their chairs- time for the ego trips!!!!

1.  It gave me the creeps to watch Blake singing “Timber, I’m Falling in Love” to 16 year old Danielle, particularly after the tabloids have been giving him a hard time. There had to be a better song. This one bordered on inappropriate.

2. Usher outsang Michelle in their duet “One”. He clearly adores her and the sentiments are returned but her extraordinary talent was overshadowed in their duet. As a performer, sure, he wanted to shine – as a coach, he could have let her shine brighter for a moment.

3. Blake’s duet, “Celebrity” with the Swon brothers (make that ‘Blake’s duet with the older Swon brother while the younger sang backup) only highlighted the fact that the younger one doesn’t have the voice to carry it. They needed a song where both Swons could look good, not one where Blake looks good.

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