3 Ways That Psychology Can Help Writers

How can psychology help you (and me) write?  How can it help you get started on your project/passion/adventure, I ordered it onlinewhatever that is?  Well, there are lessons learned in psychology that can be applied.

 For starters,
1. Schedule time – I’m big on schedules; I live by them. In psychology, we know that setting time aside to get specific tasks done means you have a better chance of success.
2. Respect and protect the time that you set aside – Treat your scheduled time with the same seriousness that you would give to an appointment with someone else.
3. Be honest – You don’t have to be honest all the time with everyone else but you do have to be honest with yourself when you write.
Here is a book that may help you enrich the characters that are living in your head.
witers book cover 002
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