Reality Sucks But…

Reality is a nuisance; don’t bother with it.  It intrudes on our carefullydreamstimefree_14754
constructed beliefs.  I’ve certainly seen this happen to me and it happens to
others.  We see what we want to see; we see things that confirm our already
existing beliefs.

Why are we so averse to new information and seem to prefer information that 
confirms what we already believe?

1. People want to be correct so confirming information is preferred.
2. It is easier to see where new pieces fit into the existing picture than
imagining a new picture.
3. It allows us to continue to think of ourselves as accurate and consistent
4. We want information that confirms our self-image, even if it is bad –
anything to be right!

Ignoring new information is dangerous because:

1. Prejudice partly comes from only noticing facts which fit our preconceived
notions about other nations or ethnicities.
2. We actually ignore disconfirming information and live in la la land.


1. Try to be just a little bit more open; watch or read things that show
different opinions.
2. Work on developing a theory that presents an alternative to your preferred

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