The Survivor Tree – 9/11 Ground Zero

After my post about the memorial at Ground Zero, my cousin asked if there were IMG_1076any trees  or relief from the stark landscape. Many trees have been planted but they are still small and may never relieve the sense of devastation. But I want to write about the tree called ‘The Survivor Tree”, pictured in my photograph.

For those of you who are beginning something new, whether it is the new year, school, job or a life transition, this is a good story.

After 9/11, the clean up crew found one tree partially alive – only one. It is easy to imagine how meaningful any sign of life was to them. From the rubble, they pulled out an 8 foot stump of a Bradford pear tree. It was removed and taken to a tree nursery in Stamford, CT. where it was cared for – until the hurricane that tore through the East Coast. The tree was blown over but again rescued and brought to its home on the site of the World Trade Center where, I can tell you, everyone is very moved to photograph it and give it a mental high five.

Other details for the obsessive readers:

1. it may not be visible but there is a hat from a firefighter and a note sitting in the branches;

2. this is the only pear tree in the memorial site;

3. the nursery that tended it has made 300 saplings from this tree in the years since 2001 and;

4. these next generation trees will be given to other sites that are creating memorials.


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  1. September 17th, 2013 11:28 pm

    That is a happy story. Pear trees are so beautiful and distinctive with their white blossoms. I hope someday I will see this tree and now I will know the story. Thanks for sharing this.

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