3 Reasons Why Reminiscing Is Good For You

I recently spent time with my cousins. There had been a bunch of us, all living in belgrade lakes, maine 017close proximity. We grew up together, very entwined in each other’s lives before we moved in different directions, geographically and life style. So, it is a big deal when we can gather. When we are together, whether the occasion is happy or miserable, we reminisce. It can be sad but it is also lovely. The photo on the right is from our gathering in Maine.

Reminiscing is remembering the past. For some, remembering is experienced as a loss or longing for what has passed by. But, research suggests that reminiscing can be good for you.  Here is why:

1. People experience warm, positive emotions as they remember happy times. They find the positive components of nostalgia are stronger than the negative.

2. Reminiscing keeps boredom away. Thinking about the past can help you to feel that your life has more purpose in the present.

3. Reminiscing fights loneliness because memories usually involve other people. We are social creatures and it helps remind us of our connections to others.

Meaning and connection – that’s what reminiscing and nostalgia is about. I’d loan you a cousin but then you’d have mixed up reminiscences.



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