High Anxiety

50,000,000…. Yes, fifty million people in the US suffer from a form of anxiety each year. Anxiety is the # 1 problem among women and # 2 for men (alcohol dreamstimefree_3373332and drugs are # 1 for guys). Why is anxiety so prevalent?
Possible answers:
1. Anxiety arises from an accumulation of stress over time.
2. Our society pounds us with fear and stress.
3. Things change fast and we have little time to adjust to change, especially technological change.
4. We worry about the future of our lives and our planet.
5. We are bombarded with so many disparate views that there is little security and people have to create their own meaning.
Want to change? My suggestion is to work with a therapist and begin reading Edmund Bourne’s book.  I will be writing more about tips to combat anxiety in future posts.
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     For a fun read, relax with Object of Obsession
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