Helicopter Parenting May Depress Your Kids

My post of April 4, 2013, was entitled “Helicopter Mothers Crash and Burn” and said that high maternal control contributes to the young adult having more depression and less belief in his/her own autonomy and competence.  These young people are also less satisfied with life because when kids have been told what to do, what is best for them, and who they are, their self confidence drops.

I have more confirmation for parents to stop hovering. 297 undergraduate students were asked about their parents’ behavior and how they felt about it. Those who described ‘helicopter parents’ showed higher levels of depression and lower levels of autonomy, relatedness and competence. These are very similar findings to the first study.  “Parents should keep in mind how developmentally appropriate their involvement is and learn to adjust their parenting style when their children feel that they are hovering too closely,” write the authors of the study.
Source: Schiffrin et al., 2013
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