Holiday Overeating Mimics Addictive Behaviors

Holiday overeating is reminiscent of addictions, whether your demon is food, smoking, drugs or alcohol. Perhaps the holidays have evoked uncomfortable feelings that you want to obliterate. If this is true, you are not alone.  Perhaps you don’t know healthy ways to feel better. Well, many people turn to over-eating or drinking but that solution is temporary.

Instead, try sitting with the discomfort or spend some time understanding what brought the feelings up, or distract yourself with something healthy. Otherwise, this may become your holiday cycle……………….

Here are the similarities between overeating at the holidays and addictions:

1. First, you push away the day when you will begin to behave normally (not over-eat/over-drink). Usually you use a milestone, like the new year.

2. Second, you underestimate the destructiveness of your behaviors, i.e. “enjoying myself” “everyone is doing it” “no big deal” blah, blah.

3. Third, you eat or drink even more than usual because you now have it in your mind that you will have to stop (probably on January 1). Years ago, I was hoarse by the time I stopped smoking.

4. Four, you get annoyed at restrictions and restrictive people as not “being fun”. In this way, you lose input from other, sensible voices.

5. Five, you give up all reasonable expectations of food and drink once you have begun.

6. Six, you feel rotten afterward………………again.

And then you go to the gym in January for awhile.

I’m not sure why we tell ourselves that we deserve to have no limits on food or indulgences during the holidays, but I do know that none of it seems worth it afterward. (an organization for women”s heart health) is encouraging people to eat better during this holiday season AND maybe even shed a few pounds. Check out their website and join the challenge.

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