Fear Vs. Anxiety

Most people feel anxiety at some point in their lives as a response to a potential loss or failure but anxiety is not quite the same thing as fear. Here are some dreamstimefree_186517differences that can help you distinguish what you are feeling. Fear is usually directed at something concrete, situational and external, like being chased by a bear. On the other hand,
Anxiety is:
1. Hard to specify what is causing you to feel anxious
2. Internal more than external (like worry vs. the stranger with a gun)
3. Usually a response to a vague or distant danger (like imagining a car wreck for no real reason)
4. Affecting you on 3 levels: physiological, behavioral, and psychological
5. Appearing in different forms and at different levels of intensity
6. Out of proportion or unrealistic to the situation (like expecting cancer when you go in for a simple check up)
7. Right there when you simply think about a situation; no reality required
source : Edmund Bourne’s Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
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