Intelligence And Anxiety – yes, there is a correlation

Previously, these authors have demonstrated that a high degree of worry in patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) correlates positively with intelligence and that a low degree of worry in healthy subjects correlates positively with intelligence.wrench in the works

Both worry and intelligence show an inverse correlation with certain metabolites in the subcortical white matter. In the new study, patients with GAD exhibited higher IQ’s and lower metabolite concentrations of CHO in the subcortical white matter in comparison to healthy volunteers. When data from GAD patients and healthy controls were combined, relatively low CHO predicted both relatively There you can play this and other casino games for real money and WIN real jackpot!Upon starting this marvelous slot machine you will immediately notice the eye-pleasing grass-green color scheme and super realistic tennis images. higher IQ and worry scores. Relatively high anxiety in patients with GAD predicted high IQ whereas relatively low anxiety in controls also predicted high IQ.

Conclusion: The relationship between anxiety and intelligence was positive in Generalized Anxiety Disorder patients but inverse in healthy volunteers. The collective data suggest that both worry and intelligence are characterized by depletion of metabolic substrate in the subcortical white matter and that intelligence may have co-evolved with worry in humans i.e., people who had the brains to worry survived longer.

Source: The relationship between intelligence and anxiety: an association with subcortical white matter metabolism Jeremy D. Coplan1*, Sarah Hodulik1Sanjay J. Mathew2Xiangling Mao3Patrick R. Hof4Jack M. Gorman5 and Dikoma C. Shungu3 Front. Evol. Neurosci., 01 February 2012 | doi: 10.3389/fnevo.2011.00008

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