Sure-Fire Creative Work Habits

Author Mason Currey writes that “there”s no one way to get things done”. But, there are patterns. Currey studied writers, painters, philosophers and other wonderful minds. Perhaps we can learn from these work habits and increase our own creative lives.IMG_0938

Patterns seen in creative people’s work habits:

1. Be a morning person – early risers make up the majority of the great minds studied.

For some, an early start is a necessity because they had to combine creative pursuits with a job, raising children, both, or in order to avoid interruption. To become an early riser, get up at the same time daily but go to bed only when you”re truly tired – it trains your body to a new habit.

2. Don”t give up your day job; it provides financial security and forces you into self discipline and regularity

3. Take lots of walks, especially in natural settings if it is possible. Shake things up if you want to get novel ideas and walking also keeps disturbances at a minimum – esp. if you shut your phone off.

4. Stick to a schedule. Many creative people have more than schedules, they have rituals. It is better to have a tight schedule than no schedule. Psychologist William James described how a  a strict routine helps to unleash the imagination. He believed that only by rendering many aspects of jameshallison casino daily life automatic and habitual could we “free our minds to advance to really interesting fields of action”. Once you”ve resolved your time, that”s just what you do, no much thinking about it.,

5. Practice strategic substance abuse

Substance abuse is pretty common and no one recommends it – even as an aid to creativity. But there”s only one that has been championed near-universally down the centuries: coffee. A clear benefit of caffeine is heightened focus.

6. Learn to work anywhere

Don’t be precious – give up the idea that you must find exactly the right environment before you can get down to work. Get over yourself. Use routine, coffee, schedules that eliminate distractions, novelty and outdoors for freshness, embrace disciple – all these things give you freedom to create.

source: Daily Rituals, by Mason Currey, published by Picador in the UK



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