“I Worked Hard” As A Message To Over-consume

Two groups were given tasks that took the same amount of work and self-control. However, one group was led to believeIMG_0917(without being actually told), that they had worked harder than members of the other group. In effect, they were cued. The two groups were offered snacks and, within 10 minutes, the group that was cued to believe that they had invested greater effort in the task snacked more and consumed a greater number of calories.
Conclusion: You allow yourself to “be bad” more easily if you believe you have worked harder and invested more than others.

source: License to sin: Self-licensing as a mechanism underlying hedonic consumption. Jessie C. de Witt Huberts, Catharine Evers, Denise T. D. De Ridder. European Journal of Social Psychology, vol. 42, issue 4 pages 490–496, June 2012

Feel free to consume my novel – it contains no calories.

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