9 Ways To Get Happy Fast

Everyone wants to be happy, and many people believe that getting there is arduous work. Well, a new study says that there are ways to get happy fast !!!  Cultivate Aunt Thelmathe following habits and your happiness will improve. This study was carried out by Action for Happiness in which they surveyed 5000 people. Here are some findings:

  1. Do something for others. (translation: stop thinking about yourself)
  2. Exercise and care for your body.
  3. Connect with others.
  4. Appreciate the world around you.
  5. Keep learning. Try new things.
  6. Always have goals, something to look forward to.
  7. Be as resilient as you can; bounce back.
  8. Be positive.
  9. Be part of something bigger than yourself.

IMG_1035Source: Action for Happiness, Prof Karen Pine


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