Quick Relief For Anxiety

Here are some proven techniques that you can use to reduce low/moderate anxiety fast. Getting anxiety under control takes a lot of work, but try these for quick dreamstimefree_435701 nutcrackerdreamstimefree_head iconsdreamstimefree_head iconsrelief.

1. Stop !  Even though your anxiety tells you to speed up, stop. Rushing is not the answer. Impulsiveness will make you feel worse later on.

2. Breathe. Yes, it is a cliche, but there are good reasons why cliches have staying power. After you stop, breathe deeply a few times. It won’t cure your anxiety but it helps break the swirling feeling in your body.

3. Talk to yourself; and listen. Remind yourself that you can cope; remember that you are over-dreading something; and quiet yourself with whatever phrases and knowledge you already have.

4. Do something. Let me rephrase that – do something that isn’t crazy. Clean your closet, go for a walk, take a shower. Get yourself engaged with other thoughts or activities.

5. Exercise, walk, relax, do yoga – something that helps your body while you are helping your brain.

Don’t get hungry (it fuels anxiety), don’t drink (it increases depression), don’t text your high school sweetheart (it only creates problems to be anxious about tomorrow).

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