Why Do People Procrastinate?

Procrastination is choosing to delay some task in spite of your good intentions to get it done.  It is common – you are not alone – and pervasive. People avoid fillette effrayéetasks that are unpleasant, but they also avoid tasks that make them uncomfortable in some way. As we all know, it never turns out well. We never feel good about our avoidance. So, why procrastinate? Why not just get it done and be through with the phone call/bill payment/cleaning/confrontation/job search/homework on and on.

A recent study has some findings about why we procrastinate:

  1. We are looking for a short term solution.
  2. We want to feel better now.

You can see the big problem – by concentrating on NOW, we drop the work on our future selves. There is no easy solution. The only answer is to face the unpleasant task early in the morning and then we can feel proud/smug all day !!!!

Source: F. Sirois and T. Pychyl in Social and Personality Psychology. Feb 2013 V 7 #2


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