6 Tips For Staying Focused

In this world of constant cell phone ringing, email pinging, TV, interruptions, and noise, it isn’t easy to say focused.  Here are 6 tips from a variety of studies.IMG_0987oko_1oko_1oko_1oko_1

Cultivate better attention:

  1. Take a short break at regular intervals.
  2. Attend to one thing at a time when the task is worth doing well. Easy tasks like folding laundry that don’t require all your brain power can be accompanied by music, conversation, etc.
  3. Set aside periods of time for the task that needs your attention and protect that time. Break down the job if it is big and do one piece at a time, for example, give yourself a designated hour to clean a closet, pay bills, make build a house.
  4. Stop, breathe, take a few minutes to meditate and relax if your attention is flagging.
  5. If your task is moveable, consider leaving your usual place and trying a new spot (library, coffee shop) that might allow for fresher attention.
  6. Set a goal. It almost doesn’t matter what the goal is – just set one!


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