Chinese vs American Leadership Qualities

I doubt whether these findings would be the same if the study was done in the U.S.  Three hundred twenty-eight members of top management teams and 645 rise and fallmiddle managers from 63 private Chinese companies were surveyed. The researchers examined the concept of humility among chief executive officers (CEOs) and the process through which it is connected to top management teams and to middle managers. They found that the CEOs’ humility was positively associated with empowering leadership behaviors in others. In turn, top management feels integrated, and that flows down to  middle managers’ perceptions of having an empowering organizational climate, which is then associated with their work engagement, affective commitment, and job performance. In a nutshell: humble CEOs connect to top and middle managers through collective perceptions of empowerment at both levels.

source: Amy Ou et al in Adminstrative Science Quarterly, June, 2014 V 59 (2). 


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