New, Scientific Diet Aid !!!!

Looking at endless pictures of foods can make it less enjoyable to eat, a recent study has found.

While a few photos might enhance your appetite (it works for me), contrary to what you’d expect, people are actually put off the taste by looking at loads of pictures of food. Professor Ryan Elder, who led the study, which is published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, said, “In a way, you’re becoming tired of that taste without even eating the food. It’s sensory boredom — you’ve kind of moved on. You don’t want that taste experience any more.”

What happens is that each time you look at another photograph of some food, you get less pleasure from it. Like the first taste of chocolate mousse giving you (me) a thrill, the first photograph whets your appetite, but more photos,  like more mousse — is less and less exciting, until you get sick of it.

These was true with photos of salty (french fries) and sweet (ice cream and candy) foods. They gave lower pleasure ratings to both types of food after being inundated with pictures.

Professor Elder explained,“You do have to look at a decent number of pictures to get these effects. It’s not like if you look at something two or three times you’ll get that satiated effect.” Another researcher added, “Even I felt a little sick to my stomach during the study after looking at all the sweet pictures we had.”


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