One Big Secret To Successful Holiday Eating

Here we go! We all began by stuffing ourselves on Thanksgiving and then following up by indulging in leftovers. I plead guilty; my new Black Friday activity was a donut crawl.

After Thanksgiving (moments after), lots of people dive into the cookie baking, sweet eating, party hopping, over-drinking, month-long December binge. If we were Santa’s reindeer, we would never be able to launch ourselves into flight on Christmas eve.

Here’s the secret to successful holiday eating – decide ahead.

Parties – Before you leave your house for a party, decide exactly what you will eat and drink. It is no good to say something vague like, “I’ll eat less” or “I’ll see how I feel when I get there” or “I’ll drink water between drinks.” Nope. Be precise. “I will have 1 slice of bread, no pop, 1 drink, and I will go heavy on the salads” – something like that. Decide ahead, don’t leave wiggle room that will allow you to cave in when you see the dessert table.

Restaurants – If you are going to a restaurant, check out the menu ahead of time and decide what you will eat; then, don’t look further.

Home – These ideas work for going out but what about at home? Do you need to make 12 types of cookies? If so, give them away. Or, start a new tradition like collecting winter coats for the neighborhood shelter.

These ideas can work because, when you decide ahead of time, you can close your mind to the other possibilities. In this instance, a closed mind is good. When you have not decided what to eat and drink, your mind remains active and unsettled; not so good.

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