Thanksgiving Traditions

Traditions make events more special as we come to trust them to remain the same year after year after year. We depend on the people, foods, games and routine not tophoto (4) change.  No one wants new foods on Thanksgiving – everyone wants their favorites.  It is all comfort food; nothing fancy.  It isn’t a holiday of experimentation; it’s a holiday of reliability.

Thanksgiving, and holidays in general, are filled with traditions on which we rely.  Traditions aren’t shallow; they serve an important function in our lives – traditions provide a form for our emotions and values.  At Thanksgiving, we value sharing the same foods with the same people. We value what we have instead of what we want next.  We are grateful for friends and family who have shlepped from long distances to be together.  Anyone traveling on Wednesday or Sunday deserves our special gratitude – and another helping of stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving, Linda

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