Holiday Host/Hostess Disorder

Since we are into the holidays, I have a great disorder (it is imaginary) for you to think about – Holiday Host or Hostess Disorder, now referred to as HHD. Here are the symptoms of a person afflicted with HHD: dreamstimefree_1078352 dreidels

*Cleans maniacally before the holiday

*Buys excessive amounts of food, decorations and other holiday paraphernalia

*Feels intense anxiety before holidays

*Gets grumpy at others who do not display the same slavish devotion to holiday madness

*Loves/Hates having people over because the Host or Hostess will be highly stressed

*Feels criticized if anything is less than perfect (and nothing is perfect)

*Feels totally inadequate if one olive is missing a pimento (or something equally goofy)

Sure, I made up this disorder. You will not find it anywhere else. I just wanted to point out that the holidays are a time to be together and NOT let your perfectionism get in the way. People want to be with you, not with your perfect cheese ball or your Santa plates. I like pretty table decorations and a great meal just like everyone else and I do feel bad when I drop the dessert mold on the floor. Nevertheless, it is a mistake to confuse the wrapping with the real gifts of the season.

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