5 Sure Diet Tips

It’s the new year !! I can guess what many people’s resolutions were… losing weight. After all, it is an unusual resolution. So, in case you know anyone who has black-cherry-2overindulged this holiday season, here are some proven techniques for managing food cravings.

1. Distract yourself. Cravings typically last a few minutes while you visualize the food you desire. Substitute other images; video games work well. Distraction that   engages you will help and the cravings will pass.

2. Have fun. This means indulging in activities that are intrinsically rewarding. The difference between fun and exercise is that exercise makes many of us believe that we have earned a treat, often food.

3. Know that Food Does Not Improve Your Mood (not even donuts?)

4. Eat a high protein breakfast. It reduces cravings later in the day.

5. Before you grab a bag of chips or other food, honestly evaluate your mood. Understanding emotion helps control eating behaviors.

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