Anxiety: Friend or Foe

I’ve written many (maybe too many) posts about anxiety because it is a prevalent and disturbing problem for as many as 15% of Americans. Most postsMerry-go-round have been about understanding or countering anxiety. Here is a new twist. Some studies have found anxiety to be helpful – you be the judge.

1. Anxiety leads to embarrassment but people TRUST others who show embarrassment.

2. Anxious people have fewer accidents when they are younger (but more health problems as they age).

3. When anxious people deliberate and evaluate decisions, their memories are stronger than others.

4. Anxious people think they appear weird to friends, but friends rate them highly. People don’t notice as much as you think they do.

5. Worry is good for planetary survival (Jeremy Caplan study). I remain unimpressed with our care of the planet.

So, for those of you who are anxious, I hope you enjoyed knowing that there are some benefits to the problem.

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