Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the fear that some people experience in social situations (parties, work, even weddings and funerals). They feel judged; they may feel trapped; they always feel uncomfortable. So, not surprisingly, they begin to avoid people and places where their anxiety might occur.DSCN1177

Relaxation techniques and exercise help. Heenan, Nikolaaus and Troje, researchers at Queen’s University, say that relaxation practices and exercise are effective because they change the way an anxious person sees their world. Their experiment was novel – subjects watched a human figure walking. Anxious people saw the figure walking toward them (threatening) and non-anxious people saw the figure walking away. After either relaxation (progressive relaxation or muscle relaxation) or physical exercise, there were fewer occurrences of seeing the person coming toward the subject. Try relaxation techniques; there are many of them, from meditation, yoga, breathing, body scans and more. If you want to learn more, you can easily Google ‘relaxation techniques’ to find something that suits you. Don’t expect miracles after one or two tries – it takes time but it works.

source: Social anxiety turns neutral signals into threat PLOS One 9(7):e99902.

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