Two Types of Extroverts

      Extroversion is more than being outgoing -a new study says that there are 2 kinds of extroverts – agentic and affiliative. wrench in the works Agentic means incentive driven. These folks are the extroverts who are go-getters and who are persistent and focussed. Think salespeople. Affiliative has the snuggly component. This type of extrovert is social and friendly. This is why people who are extroverts do not appear to have they same characteristics – they may be more one type than the other.
      Dr. Tara White, the second author of the paper to which I refer, says that, in general, extroverts are eager to share with you and tell you about their world. She and her colleagues actually looked at brain scans of 83 people (hopefully through scans) and found that healthy adult brains of extroverts are distinct. Extroverts have more grey matter in the medial orbitofrontal cortex which means that they make decisions based on rewards. Interesting, yes?
source: Cognitive, affective and behavioral neuroscience Grodin and White, 2015.
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