What Makes Love Last? part 2

Continued from yesterday…..

What makes love last?  Here are some factors that occur in long lasting marriages.dreamstimefree_59349

1. Partners still feel special, loved and cared for.  Men need affirmation more than women; women need to feel loved.

2. Fight gently; stay kind and speak complaints softly.

3. Learn to communicate

To get started on the right track from the beginning of the marriage, try these….

1. Talk about things other than ‘life maintenance’.

2. Be optimistic; celebrate good things that happen.

3. Be supportive.

4. Grow, take risks, find adventure. When people do exciting things, they enjoy each other more.

5. Pay attention to maintaining the relationship – everything that grows requires care and feeding.

For starters, read the work of John Gottman.



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