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*a nod to Bette Davis, who is reported to have said, “Old age ain’t for sissies.”

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Check Your Privilege!

Read Dr. Jackie H.’s post on privilege………………….
I have to admit, it wasn’t that long ago that I had never heard of the concepts of systemic racism or white privilege. I first was introduced to these realities by my teenage daughter who was fortunate enough to be exposed to … read more at

Li’l Donnie cartoon for Valentine’s Day

It’s Li’l Donnie’s favorite holiday – time to show love to his special someone. See the cartoon


Narcissism and Vulnerability

IMG_6994Articles about narcissism are very much in style these days.  No surprise, the better we understand the elements of that disorder, the more we comprehend behaviors of leaders prancing on the world’s stage.  We all freely use the term ‘narcissist,’ especially when we do…  read more at


Li’l Donnie continues to celebrate

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Monky family
With the recent news filled with talk of Trump bragging about being a “stable genius,” I suppose many parents are wondering about how to raise such a wunderkind. Or, more likely, how to avoid it!  Although I have no actual knowledge about how Donald Trump was parented,…read more at

Li’l Donnie – innie or outie?

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Tips for Managing Anxiety

dead tree silhoueteLike a constant low buzz, anxiety has been plaguing many people for over a year. Whether our worries are about the world and politics or closer to home, such as jobs, families and ourselves, almost everyone I know (in my personal life as well as my clinical practice) seems to be in a state of anxiety.  So, here are some brief thoughts that may help.   Read more

My Chinese American Family Christmas


My Chinese American grand daughter now speaks English. She started kindergarten and now talks about her special friend Levi and how she’s not going to marry him. She says, “no, the final answer is no”. She draws an angry face and says, “I’m mad at mommy”

… read a thoughtful new post by Dr. Margit Kir-Stimon on aIMG_1034nd follow us

Li’l Donnie finishes his Christmas shopping

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