Aging As The Harvest Time

September 14, 2012 by  

My friend Margit was talking about the idea of ‘harvesting’ as an aspect of growing older. It’s a different thought, especially for people like me who want to keep digging and planting (to keep the metaphor farm-like). I find it refreshing to contemplate the notion that I can continue all the creative activities that I love but, I can also find time to relish the harvest that results from years of past endeavors.

This idea reminds me of times in my childhood when my mother (maybe yours, too) made a lovely dinner and then ate standing up or took bites in between serving others. It was always annoying, even though I was probably the person she was serving! I wanted her to sit

down, to enjoy her meal with the family, to be a member of the meal rather than a server of the meal. Now I’m rethinking my complaint – maybe I wanted her to harvest her devoted, hard work. She did so much – why not relish the results. There are a thousand ways that I wish I turned out more like my own mother, but not this one. I do think that relaxing long enough to enjoy the harvest is something I can learn to do.

Hmmmm, now I have to figure out what the crops are………..