Midlife Husbands and Wives at Cross Purposes

April 16, 2012 by  

Midlife is a period when husbands and wives can be at cross purposes, depending on the decisions they have made earlier.  If you have made the decision to attend to work from 20-45, you may want to cut back, slow down, and now attend to family.  If you made the decision to attend to family during those years, you might be itching to get out into the workforce.

We all have to viagra generic make decisions.  But when we choose A, we can’t also be choosing B. No one gets to do everything. We all have responsibilities. The example above demonstrates how the earlier years will influence what you want to do at midlife and beyond. You may want to have the chance to do some things that were not possible earlier – work, not work, pursue hobbies, music, education, interests, be alone, be social, travel, don’t travel, relax.  But husbands and wives do not want the exact same thing at the same time.  If deciding on what to eat for dinner, or whether to make love, or who drives the kids to soccer, or whether to visit the relatives seems complicated and subject to too much negotiation, midlife can be trickier.  Let’s retire! No, I want to start a business!

Bottom line: life ain’t for sissies.