Happy Graduation

June 15, 2015 by  

For many years, I taught wonderful graduate students. First, at the Chicago School when it was small and everyone knew each other, and then in Counseling Psychology at Northwestern. It was wonderful – the students were bright, sincere, and ready to change the world. Unfortunately, these days the world of psychology is changing, not always for the better. Jobs are harder to find; having a first rate practice is much harder to maintain.

To graduates in psychology, new and old, Stay with it! Good Luck! You chose a field that will be endlessly interesting (and humbling). Here is one of the many cartoons that I created for my book (with Charlie Waehler) “What Do I Say?: The Therapist’s Guide for Answering Questions.” This one never made it into the book but did get into the discussion guide.




“The Eyes Of The Beholder” cartoon #42

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“We All Start Somewhere” cartoon #40

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“Go Ahead, Ask Me A Question” cartoon #39

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